Free Version

Features include:

  • PRO Version Trial
  • Edit Stored Bids
  • Unlimited Bid Creation
  • 5 Bid Storage Limit
  • Basic Reporting
  • Multi-Bid Outputs
  • Print Bids to PDF

Bid Creation

BIDMASTER gives users the ability to quickly create an unlimited number of accurate bids, including Multi-Bid Output, designed to help users sell equipment, and give merchants multiple options to move their business to you.  Best of all, it’s FREE!

Stored Bids

The BIDMASTER portal allows users to Edit, Change/Modify, and Save up to 5 Bids for later in our FREE version.


Bids to PDF

Use our Print to PDF feature to fax or take a Bid to a merchant location.


Run reports by Date Range, and
view by Status such as Quoted,
Pending Appointment, Approved,
Closed-Won, Closed-Lost, and more...